Topics Evaluator

The Topics Evaluator(s) is (are) responsible for the evaluation of the Table topics segment of the meeting.

If a long topics session is scheduled, two topics evaluators are sometimes appointed.


Discuss the theme(s) of the session with the Topics Master.

If two topics evaluators have been appointed, ensure that you both agree which speakers you are evaluating (odds 1st/3rd/5th etc and evens 2nd/4th/6th etc is the usual method).

As you will only have about 20 - 30 seconds to comment on each speaker, you might want to decide in advance the particular aspects that you will be looking out for.

At the meeting

1) Take notes on each topic and prepare a 2030 second report on each

2) When introduced by the Chairman/Toastmaster, do NOT comment on the running of the topics session by the Topics Master as the General Evaluator will do this later

3) You should comment briskly on each individual contribution there will probably only be time for 1 quick commendation, 1 recommendation and then 1 or 2 final commendations

Points that may be covered include:

Overall impression of the contribution / any obvious good or weak points
Construction - did the contribution have a beginning/middle/end?
Did the contribution stick to the subject given?
Quality of presentation / confidence / eye contact / vocal variety, etc.
Quality of content / interesting / original / informative / humorous

4) You might want to make some general comments that were typical of several speakers and would help them improve their skills

5) Make a brief concluding comment on your overall impression of the session

And finally....

Straight after the meeting, please find out who the topics evaluator will be at the following meeting and talk to them about performing the role.

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