The main manual

The Competent Communicator manual offers ten speech projects through which you can gradually build up your speaking skills and become a masterful speaker.

Speech #1

'The Icebreaker' (4-5-6 minutes)


To begin speaking before an audience.
To help you understand what areas require particular emphasis in your speaking development.
To introduce yourself to your fellow Club members.

Speech #2

'Organise Your Speech'(5-6-7 minutes)


To help organise your thoughts into a logical sequence that leads your audience to a clearly defined goal.
To build a speech outline that includes an opening, a body, and a conclusion.

Speech #3

'Get to the Point' (5-6-7 minutes)

To convince the audience of your earnestness, sincerity, and conviction on a subject you thoroughly understand.
To confront and control any nervousness you may have.

Speech #4

'How to Say it' (5-6-7 minutes)


To select precisely the right words required to communicate your ideas clearly and vividly.
To avoid lengthy words and sentences and jargon.

Speech #5

'Your Body Speaks' (5-6-7 minutes)


To learn the value of gestures and body movements as part of a speech.
To explore the different ways of using body language.
To develop a sense of timing and natural, smooth body movement.

Speech #6

'Vocal Variety' (5-6-7 minutes)


To explore the use of voice volume,pitch,rate, and quality as assets to your speaking.
To achieve a pleasing natural voice quality when speaking.

Speech #7

'Research Your Topic' (5-6-7 minutes)


To bring together and apply the communication skills you have learned in the preceding projects.
To organise your speech in a logical manner, following one of the suggested outlines.
To research the facts needed to support your speech.
To make a personal evaluation of your progress.

Speech #8

'Add Impact to Your Speech' (5-6-7 minutes)


To learn the value of props in speaking.
To learn to use props effectively in your presentations.

Speech #9

'Persuade With Power' (5-6-7 minutes)


To present a talk that persuades the audience to accept your proposal or viewpoint.
To achieve this persuasive effect by appealing to the audience's self interest, building a logical foundation for agreement, and arousing emotional commitment to your cause.

Speech #10

'Inspire Your Audience' (8-9-10 minutes)


To understand the mood and feelings of your audience on a particular occasion.
To put those feelings into words and inspire the audience, using all the techniques you have learned so far.

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