Speech Evaluator

Speech Evaluators have the important responsibility of evaluating individual prepared speakers.

Evaluators are usually quite experienced speakers who will have completed at least three or four prepared speeches.


If this is one of your first evaluations, consider the advice given in “Effective Speech Evaluation” (which should have been received with your New Member Kit and Manual) and ask more experienced members for advice and help.

Whenever the opportunity arises, attend an Evaluation Workshop that the club or Area will run from time to time.

Before the meeting

1) If you already know the speaker, some reflection on her / his past performances may assist with your evaluation

2) Get the speech number and title from the speaker and discuss his / her objectives, including any specific points the speaker may raise with you

At the meeting

1) Borrow the speaker’s manual for your written evaluation and review the evaluation guidelines given there.

2) Listen carefully and record your immediate impressions - consider the questions in the evaluation guidelines and try to answer them.

3) The general format of evaluation that we use has become known as: COMMEND-RECOMMEND-COMMEND. In your oral evaluation, begin and end with encouragement and praise to reinforce the speaker’s strengths. Avoid direct criticism but make constructive and positive recommendations where there is obvious room for improvement.

4) Remember the public evaluation should be partly directed to the audience for their consideration and benefit, not just a discussion with the speaker

5) Complete the written evaluation while the speech is fresh in your mind and before the speaker leaves the venue. Talk to the speaker after the meeting to clarify and add any points and especially any extra recommendations

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