The educational program is at the heart of the Croydon Communicators Speakers club. It's the means by which you develop your skills and achieve your goal of becoming a better communicator.

On an informal level, every meeting offers you the chance to practise. But Toastmasters clubs also offer a formal educational programme, which is divided into two tracks - communication or leadership.

Both offer formal training in the form of structured projects that allow you to learn through experimentation and experience.

Communication Track

The communication track is the major emphasis for new members, most of whom join Croydon Communicators for the benefits it offers. Some take the leadership track as well, and they are not mutually exclusive.

The core of the communication track is the detailed and comprehensive Communication and Leadership manual, which contains 10 speech projects that systematically develop your public speaking skills.

Leadership Track

The leadership track allows you to acquire and practise the skills necessary to be an effective leader. You can serve as a Club Officer, developing skills in planning, training, motivating, and managing.

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